About us

Hidden in misty mountains and wild rivers lies our beautiful home town of Barkly East. The most undiscovered treasure in South Africa.

With magnificent mountain landscapes, bubbling acquifer springs, valleys and rivers Barkly East is a world unto its own.


Discover the farming community, known for its warm hospitality, exceptional Guest Houses, B&B;s, and Self Catering Cottages. The place where friendships are forged in the warm fires of Winter landscapes. Summers are lush and green, with many activities to choose from in the area.


The little village of Barkly also has many amenities and services which provide not only to locals but to our Visitors as well.


With ample great and varied accommodation on offer, Barkly is only now being discovered for the secret paradise that it is. It is a small farming community, with alpine weeather. Thunderous mountains in Summer with lush green valleys and frozen roads and waterfalls in snowy winters.


We really have it all. Come and explore and meet up with great farm folks, warm hospitality and roaring winter fires.